May our feelings penetrate 

Into the center of our heart

And seek in love to unite

With human beings seeking the same goal–

With spirit beings who, full of grace,

Behold our earnest, heartfelt striving

And in beholding strengthen us

From realms of light

Illuminating our lives in love.

~ Rudolf Steiner “Verse for America”


Passion Week (Holy Week): Palm Sunday April 14 through Easter April 21, 2019

Your Language of the Heart Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America, together with the Christian Community of Santa Rosa, are co-sponsoring events during the upcoming Holy or Passion Week (April 14-21, 2019) which will assist you in more fully participating in the great festival of Easter.

Sunday April 14 (Palm Sunday), 7-9 pm:Home of Ed and Gail Castellini, 12926 Dupont Road, Sebastopol: reading and discussion of Bock and Steiner on Easter and its significance; selections from Holy Scripture; eurythmy and artistic activities consonant with this day of the sun; some star observations.

Friday April 19 (Good Friday), 7-9 pm:home of Theresa Melia, 420 Edison St., Graton: continuation and expansion of discussion and artistic activities consonant with this day of Venus (Love).

Additional gatherings: None at this time. Please check back as the event gets closer.

Our best wishes for your own celebration of this Easter festival-time.

For the Language of the Heart Branch,

Lorian Shick, Thom Schafer, David Carpenter, Edgar Castellini


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