Important Update** Wednesday January 10th Branch Meeting Canceled**

Next Meeting Time will be updated Soon. We apologize for the late notice and thank you for your understanding!
The Language of the Heart Branch will be hosting monthly meetings open to the community, come add your voice as we work to create a branch that serves the needs of our community and our times.

*Come join us at our next meeting to share your voice and view*

At the Colonial Manor Bldg 7765 Healdsburg Ave, Suite 13

It’s on the 2nd floor


May our feelings penetrate 

Into the center of our heart

And seek in love to unite

With human beings seeking the same goal–

With spirit beings who, full of grace,

Behold our earnest, heartfelt striving

And in beholding strengthen us

From realms of light

Illuminating our lives in love.

~ Rudolf Steiner “Verse for America”