The Following Groups are Active in our County:


Reading for the Dead Group:

Meets at Anne and Craig Cook’s house.

Contact them at 707-595-3103 for more information or to join.

Anthroposophical Book Study Group:

Meets at the House of Theresa Melia

420 Eddison St. Graton, CA

Please call Theresa at 707-824-0645 for directions and to let her know you are attending.

This group meets every Sunday Morning from 8 am-10 am to read different Anthroposophical books together. Once a book is finished the group decides on the next reading together.

All are Welcome!

Sophia Study Circle:

Meets at the home of the Temples and Schirms in Petaluma Every Thursday at 7:30

This group will begin study of Rudolf Steiner’s foundational book:

“How to Know Higher Worlds” on Thursday, January 18th.

Contact Larry Temple for further info: or 707-628-9870.

All are welcome!


New Study Group:

Exploring the relationship between Anthroposophy and the Christian Community

Do you have questions about how Anthroposophy and The Christian Community relate?  Why did Rudolf Steiner form a “Sunday church”?  How does this reconcile with his other teachings?

A new Friday evening study group is forming to read together Peter Selg’s book Rudolf Steiner and The Christian Community to study these questions and many more.  We will meet once a month from 7:30 pm to 9 pm in the Eurythmy Barn at Summerfield Waldorf School on five Friday evenings: March 8, May 3, June 14, July 12, and Aug. 16.  If you would like to have a copy of the book, it can be purchased on-line from Amazon or other booksellers.  Everyone is welcome!  

Rev. Sanford Miller, a priest from The Christian Community, will lead the study.  Sanford has been connected to the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy for over 35 years. 

From the Floris Books review about Rudolf Steiner and The Christian Community:

Rudolf Steiner and The Christian Community explores the complex and often misunderstood relationship between The Christian Community and the wider anthroposophical world.  Christian Community priests work out of an understanding of anthroposophy, and it was undoubtedly Steiner’s theological lecture courses which led to the formation of the movement. Nonetheless questions remain, which Peter Selg examines closely in this unique book. 

— Steiner’s work emphasises the importance of finding the spiritual in everyday life. So why did he help found a ‘Sunday church’? 
— In his lectures, Steiner spoke about a ‘spiritual communion’ without physical matter. So why is there any need for a sacramental communion with real bread and wine, as practiced in The Christian Community? 
— In a much-quoted lecture after the founding of The Christian Community, Steiner said that anthroposophists should have no need of the new religious movement. But on another occasion he said he wished greatly that the movement should succeed. How can these be understood and reconciled? 

This long-overdue book is a significant exploration of Steiner’s legacy which should have far-reaching implications for mutual understanding and cooperation between The Christian Community and the wider anthroposophical world.

Cp-sponsored by The Christian Community in Santa Rosa and The Language of the Heart Branch 
For further information, contact Elinor Biller at (707) 696-4731 or

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