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  • Abraham Entin’s Book Launch Party


Book Launch Party for Abraham Entin’s

Living on the Fringe

Sunday February 3, 2019 at 2pm

99 6th st. Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, CA

abraham entin

His book is available for purchase at :

As well as via Amazon and locally at Copperfield’s.



A warm Thank you to all who hosted and attended this years Holy Nights! Below is an account of the events:

Holy Nights 2018-2019 Report: January 9, 2019 by Ed Castellini
Events co-sponsored by The Christian Community of Santa Rosa and The Language of
the Heart Branch, ASA
These Holy Nights Gatherings events were primarily made possible by the generosity
and openness of various members and friends both of the Christian Community and the
Language of the Heart Branch of the Anthroposophical Society of America. Members of
these two organizations co-sponsored, planned and carried out these nine events. Each of
these events was memorable and contributed to furthering and enhancing the sacred
mood of these Holy Nights.
Thanks especially to Larry and Victoria Temple, Meg McNees, Robin Dagg, Theresa
Melia, Jerry Lindsey, Daci Iancu, Tanya Stoddard, Chris and Jean Schirm, Ed Castellini,
Craig Wiggins, Jeremiah Turner, and the members of the Lyre Ensemble, individuals
directly involved in these gatherings. We thank also St. John’s Episcopal Church and
Summerfield School for the kind use of their facilities. We acknowledge and thank the
more than 140 attendees who came to any or several of these nine events; of course,
many of these individuals attended more than one gathering.
We also thank the donors who contributed so generously at the performance of Olaf
Asteson, whose gifts completely offset the direct costs related to these gatherings.
The question can be raised: Did the direct mailings assist participants in attending
these events? Notice of them was sent out by email, website, and by direct postal mailing
to over 100 individuals. It would seem that the direct postal mailings were worth the
time and cost for these events. This can be discussed.
Another question: Did the recommended common readings, of Steiner’s Luke Gospel
lectures and then the Gospel of St. Luke itself, materially affect the gatherings? Again it
would seem that having background reading served to enrich the events. Also it can be
noted that there is a connection between this reading and the editor of Steiner’s
According to Luke, Robert McDermott, who spoke in Sophia Hall in November 2018.
This point can be discussed and varied in future.
Most of the gatherings had as a centerpiece a conversation or discussion by members
who spoke from their hearts and united their feelings and experiences with the occasion.
Those attending can take many memories of what was said or sung by others into their
own memories and meditations of these Holy Nights.
It would seem that this season’s gatherings were a “success” and deserve to be
repeated next Holy Nights 2019-2020

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Events of interest in other areas:

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Anthro Bay Area

Our neighboring Branch has many exciting upcoming events. Please click the link below to see events in the Greater Bay Area

A Second Chance for the World

Conference in Vancouver

a second chance for the world_page_1

You can find this flyer and registration details here:

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