The following events are taking place in Sonoma County:                  

  • Monthly Gathering: Next Study “Practical training in Thought”
  • Bee fest: Bee-ing and living in a canopy of community


Monthly Gathering

Next Study “Practical training in Thought”

Feb. 27, 2020 7-8:30 pm at 342 South Main St. in the Lobby.                                                                                                                

Mothly Gatherings


Language of the Heart Branch Monthly Studies on:

Fundamental Themes in Anthroposophy


You might be increasingly aware of the various contributions to civic culture and human welfare made by the renewal of spiritual knowledge in our time.  You may even have discovered the benefits of this renewal yourself in several areas of enterprise and endeavor springing up in our community.  You might even have asked yourself something like this: Since I have chosen to enroll my children in a so-called Waldorf School, and have personally experienced a touch of this renewal for myself, what might be the wellsprings of this educational movement?


You might know that the life’s work of an Austrian-born, German-speaking philosopher and spirit-seeker named Rudolf Steiner places itself at the wellspring of these enterprises and endeavors.  You might know something of the spiritual richness that has flowed from this work for over one hundred years, beginning in Europe but now culminating in a worldwide movement toward the renewal of spiritual knowledge and practice.  You should know furthermore that this individual, Rudolf Steiner, founded and directed what he called The Anthroposophical Society, currently an international, nonsectarian, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to cultivate what he termed anthroposophy.  This is a wellspring of cultural and personal renewal in our time.


This Anthroposophical Society, worldwide and in America, exists to cultivate the life of anthroposophy.  The Anthroposophical Society in America focuses this cultivation on this nation, and your local Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America (ASA) has named itself The Language of the Heart Branch, articulating the ideal that spiritual renewal speak to the world from the full human heart.  This is your Branch.


To further this work in our area, members of this Branch are beginning a new program: the cultivation, for friends of this renewal of spirit awareness, of what can be called Fundamental Anthroposophical Themes. Accordingly members of the Branch well-versed in anthroposophy are offering five gatherings, one each for the next five months, to consider important topics leading to an enlightened understanding of human nature and our social and cultural life.  These gatherings will take place in Sebastopol, CA, in a warm and welcoming setting in a welcoming town, and each encounter will emphasize a friendly and participatory approach to the material in question.  Such study is from the heart, requires heart, and is conducted in that mood.

Would you care to devote one evening a month from your busy and maybe even exhausting life to such an experiment in self-education?  Here is what you will find:

One Thursday evening per month, meeting in the comfortable front room at 342 South Main Street, Sebastopol, the following topics will be discussed from 7-8:30 pm as entry-points into anthroposophy:

Numbers: Their Archetypes and their Meaning:            January 30, 2020

Practical Thinking as the Basis for Spiritual Science:    February 27, 2020

Spiritual Guidance: Angels:                                            March 26, 2020

Festival Consciousness: Easter                                       April 30, 2020

Love and Its Meaning for Earth:                                     May 28, 2020

This location is easily accessible off of South Main Street, Sebastopol, with plentiful close-by or on-site parking.

Discussion of each of these topics will be facilitated by an experienced student of anthroposophy and participant in the direction of your local Branch.  To focus and center conversation, each evening will begin with the careful consideration of a single lecture by Rudolf Steiner as a springboard to wider and further consideration of this idea in our own time and place.  Each participant is therefore asked to prepare for this evening by undertaking the following:

  1. Obtain for yourself a copy of this central lecture, read it carefully, and bring your copy to the meeting. Each of these Steiner lectures is easily available, either in printed form (see Amazon or Steinerbooks) or free online (links for each lecture from the archive of Rudolf Steiner Library, ASA below).

“The Symbolism of Numbers”;mark=22,20,44#WN_mark

“Practical Training in Thought”;mark=115,14,43#WN_mark

“The Work of the Angels in Man’s Astral Body”

“Spirit Triumphant”;mark=21,10,27#WN_mark

“Love and Its Meaning in the World”

  1. Be prepared to share an observation or experience or artistic creation expressing your engagement with this reading or topic on the evening(s) chosen: your own bright gem of an enlivening offering to the group.
  2. Find in yourself and share with your new-found friends a question or two stimulated by the reading or the discussion.


We welcome you all to join us at these monthly gatherings.

Most Warmly,

The Language of the Heart Branch




Bee Fest

Saturday March 7, 10 Am – 2:30pm

bee fest

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